365体育备用网 Pre-License Courses

365体育备用网’s pre-license course is going to cover a vast amount of information; information on differing industries like appraisals, contract law, surveying, finance, environmental concerns, hazardous substances, insurance, title/estate proceedings, trust procedures, etc. It’s not an easy course, but luckily our instructors excel at tying all of this information together and delivering it to our students in a way they can relate to. 


365体育备用网 Pre-License Courses

All of our courses are approved by the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission as the Basic Course of Real Estate, Part I of II, and qualify the student, upon passing our course final exam, to take the state exam and, upon passing, receive a license to practice real estate in the state of Oklahoma.

The Provisional Sales Associate Pre-license class is approved as a “90 hour Distance Education” course that combines Outside Reading Assignments, Quizzes, Exam Simulator study and classroom sessions that are available for students.  This course is a great blend of self-study with help from real instructors in classroom settings. Per OREC regulations, all students have 6 months from enrollment to finish their coursework.

*Notice* “Effective November 1, 2021, “Applicants convicted of felony crime in reference to Oklahoma Statutes, Title 59, Section 858.301.1  may be ineligible to obtain an Oklahoma Real Estate License for a predetermined amount of years. For clarification, please contact the Commission and/or review the cited section of law as referenced herein.  The Commission will allow the applicant to seek preapproval prior to enrolling in a pre-license course.”

Online Pre-License Packages